Jackie Von Tobel For Helser Brothers Inc. from Jay Helser on Vimeo.

The early reviews are in and the response is overwhelming! Helser Brothers and Jackie Von Tobel have created an alliance made in drapery hardware heaven. Clean and Classy, the Jackie Von Tobel Signature line is getting mega attention and it is all terrific.

We already had a fantastic relationship with Jackie spanning many years, so when she approached us about a JVT line the decision to collaborate was easy.  I mean… Jackie Von Tobel is a big name in our little industry… and she wants to work with US!  Needless to say, we were highly flattered. Mark and I said YES of course, though I think we actually said “hell yes!” or “helz yeah!” or some other exclamatory acceptance phrase.

Soon after the hand-shake and contract signing, we got to work.  Jackie said that there were some gaping holes in the drapery hardware market.  She told us that versatility was missing.  She said that designers want clean lines, sharp angles, and rich simplicity.  Mark and I are usually heavily involved in product design and have very strong opinions about the aesthetic aspects of the products that we manufacture, but this time we chose to completely relinquish that part of the process to Jackie.

So you ask, what was it like working with Jackie Von Tobel?  We knew that Jackie was a hard worker with scary talent and a smokin’ reputation, and we knew that we liked her personally (pretty important), but it was not until we actually got to work that we realized how talented and hard working she really is!  Ladies and gentlemen Jackie Von Tobel is an ultra-talented go-getter with mad design skills.

The amazing and enthusiastic reaction from our early release exhibitions has truly delighted us and it appears that we have officially “crushed it!” Surprised?  Not us!  Soon after signing up with Jackie we realized that we had forged an alliance with a true pro.

The Jackie Von Tobel collection offers a broad selection of classic shapes with a very modern twist. Finials range in size and scale but all reflect a timeless elegance. Paired with stunning finishes like Liquid Silver, the hardware fairly glows with a soft subtle sheen. The Pagoda finial with its signature Tassel and Ball ornament is striking in the aged Imperial Red finish. Whatever your taste, there is something for the most discriminating client among new the 17 new finishes like Butter Toffee, French Quarter, Heirloom, Beijing and Verdigris.

It is so easy to get your catalog and price list for this amazing new line. Current clients will automatically receive a set of literature within the next few weeks. New clients need only e-mail Info@helserbrothers.com with a copy of your state resale certificate and we will rush your copy to you.