Join us for a FREE Webinar on Motography!   Business photographs tell the story of your business in a powerful way. Motography (mobile+photography) is one of the hottest social media trends. It’s more important than ever to have pictures for your business. Taking great business pictures with your smart phone camera and sharing them online is […]

Motorized Drapery Hardware is Here

We are happy to announce that Helser Brothers has added motorized drapery hardware to our product lines. We offer four separate products that can be motorized. Our Forest Group Motors are competitively priced and offer a 10 Year Warranty. This is twice the warranty offered on other motors on the market. With high quality brushless motors, […]

Meet Our Friend Debra May Himes

Since our re-launch of Compositions this year, we have been delighted with the response to our unique and colorful finial arrangements. We always want to showcase the talented people we work with, so we want to introduce you to Debra May Himes.  Debra May collaborated with us to design the Jewels™ elements of our Compositions […]

Top 10 HB Bracket Hacks

We are known for our vast array of custom bracket configurations. We have special order forms for most of them because we know that every window treatment creates some sort of challenge. Knowing the ways around the obstacles is our specialty. Having our own metal artists and an on-site blacksmith gives us a definite advantage […]

Compositions Drapery Hardware Redux

We are so excited to introduce the new Compositions drapery hardware line this year! Compositions offers the only completely customizable finial designs in the window treatment industry. You can use our large array of elements to create one-of-a-kind drapery hardware for your clients. Twenty new finial “arrangements” give you a preview of how elements mix […]

Drapery Hardware for Wide Windows: Part 4

We’ve talked about using our Ruffino Track Rod to traverse long spans as Option 1.  But sometimes the client’s just heart wants what it wants and if a rod and rings are the answer, that is a good thing. Because our HB Option 2 is to go the distance with a rod and rings using […]

Drapery Hardware for Wide Windows: Part 3

We’ve talked about using our heavy duty rods and brackets to expand the distance between brackets to treat wider window spans. But as always, there will be windows that refuse to cooperate and we need a plan B. Well, plan B at Helser Brothers consists of 2 good options. Option 1 is Ruffino Traversing Track […]

What’s New for Tableaux in 2015?

Tableaux is on Target in 2015! Join us and see the exciting new products! New Tableaux® Veneer is a whole new vibe in decorative Grilles. New Tableaux® Partitions offer new ways to use our decorative Grilles. New Tableaux Sunscreen makes it an energy saver. In this webinar you will learn: All about the new introductions […]

Drapery Hardware for Wide Windows: Part 2

In our earlier post we talked about how the gauge of the rod and the bracket to bracket maximums affect drapery design and functionality. Heavy Duty Brackets are Important on Wide Windows The next step in planning hardware for wide windows involves the actual bracket. Brackets come in all sizes and designs but we will […]

Drapery Hardware for Wide Windows: Part 1

No one ever wants a center bracket. It’s a fact of life for drapery professionals. It would be fantastic to make our draperies as wide as we like without worrying about brackets! But we can’t ignore this because the law of gravity has to kick in somewhere, resulting in droopy drapery hardware and unhappy clients. […]